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With these machines we have saved: size, not technology!

A Safe Future with MultiSolvent®
The 6th Generation machines we no longer differentiate between hydrocarbon and other alternative solvents. The new small MultiSolvent® machines are suitable for all class A III chlorine-free solvents with a flash point greater than 55°C and that are lighter than water (e.g. Sensene, K4, Higlo, Intense, GenX, Hydro Carbon HC ,GreenEarth).

By simply changing software settings, all functions and processes are adjusted to the solvent chosen. So, you can see your future and your investment are safe with the new BOWE MultiSolvent® machines.

BOWE MultiSolvent® = High-tech MultiSolvent®
With BOWE MultiSolvent® machines you can be sure of the best quality. Specially perfected process technology ensures the machines are optimally adjusted to all relevant solvents. BOWE has also cracked the problem with biodegradable solvents that has got others stymied: creation of odor.

In order to best separate water resp. low-boiling liquids from the solvents and thus practically eliminate creation of odor, a fractional still and an automatic multistep water separator are absolutely necessary. It goes without saying that these features are standard with all BOWE MultiSolvent® machines.

The Multi-Purpose-Design
The machines were designed to exactly meet your needs also with regards to space. There are two ways to have your machine installed - slimline or crossline - whatever your shop dictates. Slimline: here, the still is located behind the machine. Crossline: the still is set up at the side of the machine. All that with an entry height of less than
2000 mm.

Power Drying System
Especially when cleaning with high-boiling solvents, drying of the garments is of utmost importance. The BOWE Power Drying System has been further optimized by the new aerodynamic recovery section in the 6th Generation. With this system you will achieve excellent drying results and unbeatably short cycle times. You will also notice the impact of gentle drying on cleaning results and the feel of garments, which will make ironing easier.

Comfort with Cleaning of the Machine
Cleaning intervals for the filter are unusually extended, due to the especially large proven lint filters. The three standard tanks and water separator are self-cleaning. Optionally, the machines are also available with a second filter.

High-Capacity Control ConfoTronic PL
The ConfoTronic PL offers a variety of possibilities for individual adjustment to various tasks and guarantees a safe, efficient, and variable operation of the machine.

The control can easily be updated by reading from a standard MMC or SD card.

Maintenance Made easy with IMS (Interactive Maintenance System)
IMS - what does that mean? These are automatic maintenance programs, as well as two additional multi-maintenance programs, that bundle maintenance steps and intelligently have them run simultaneously. The machine shows when maintenance is required and certain maintenance cycles like e.g. filter maintenance are performed without any manual interference.

However, you do not have to worry about losing control over your machine. The machine only provides suggestions, but you certainly decide when maintenance is performed.

Variable Speed Drive and EBS®
We have increased the extraction speed of the MultiSolvent® machines. Extraction is now done at a speed of up to 600 rpm as a standard. The BOWE MultiSolvent® machines are equipped with a variable speed drive and EBS® (Electronic Balancing System) as standard, so imbalances during extraction are avoided electronically. You can perform extraction without any problems, even if the machine is not fully loaded. The variable speed drive with its infinitely variable speed control provides for a gentle cleaning cycle that can be individually adjusted for any type of garments.

In order to guarantee safety even with potentially flammable hydrocarbon solvents, multiple independent safety arrangements are designed into all BOWE MultiSolvent® machines. These safety devices guarantee 100 % safety, even if several unfavorable events should coincide.

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